ULIX always serves you with the economy way. By vertical integration, ULIX can provide more design flexibilities and choices. Please check the below technique information or download “ULIX ABILITY” at download page for more detail information.
  • 1.Aluminum extrusion
  • 2.Aluminum and Zinc Die-casting
  • 3.Investment casting
  • 4.Casting
  • 5.Forging
  • 6.Plastic injection, Plastic coating
  • 7.Metal processing : Forming ( including stamping, tube bending, CNC lathe, CNC milling, Laser cutting and other techniques )
  • 8.Welding : CO2/MIG, TIG, SPOT welding
  • 9.Surface treatment: Sand blasting, Powder coating, Colour coating, ED coating, Anodize and Electric polish
  • 10. Laser-engraving, Screen printing, Pad printing